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Pollock Pines Playground and Recreation Plans









Master Plan

The community of Pollock Pines, an unincorporated community, located in El Dorado County is collaborating with the Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines (CEDAPP) and El Dorado County Parks and Recreation to create a Master Plan for the 2.5 acres located on the 13.5 acre Forebay Community Park.  The master plan is a planning document to guide the development of trails, playgrounds, and funding.

Master Plans

On-Site Recreation Facilities Already There:

  • A full-scale lodge with working kitchen and two ADA restrooms

  • Professional horseshoe pits (several courts)

  • Baseball field with bleachers & snack shop – well maintained by Snowline Little League

Proposed for the new park:

  • Two covered inclusive playgrounds: one for 2-5-year-olds; one for 6-12-year-olds

  • Three pickle board courts with full basketball court (multi-use)

  • Disc Golf Course

  • Large dog park with water, divided for size/energy of dogs

  • Covered family picnic area

  • New bathroom

  • Themes to include: 1850’s western town; the Pony Express; covered wagons; the indigenous people of this region; the gold rush; the logging industry; and our Nature’s Wonderland

  • An 1850’s western town representation of 5 facades to create the vision

  • Improved parking lot – ADA approved

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Site Analysis


  • Area is directly across the street and in full view of Forebay Lake - a perfect location for relaxing, meditating, and family gatherings.

  • BBQing, picnicking, and other family get-togethers

  • Biking, Fishing, Hiking, Community events, Baseball games

  • Coordinating improvements with the adjacent recreational projects can increase positive community benefits.

  • Educational presentations and school field trips

  • Entertainment: concerts, plays, league play, tournaments, etc.

  • Healthy tree canopy for visual character and open views to the lake

  • Nearby lakes – Forebay Lake, Jenkinson Lake, Lake Tahoe

  • Recreation for people with disabilities (all-inclusive playground structures)

  • Centrally located and close to commercial, residential and school uses.

  • Sports: Tournaments, bicycling, hiking, running, horseshoe, ball games 



  • Access to the park/playground – blind curve requiring stop signs, crosswalks, and speed bumps;  pavement of the existing gravel/dirt parking area

  • Proper Signage for all features and park daily usage

  • Adequate fencing and gates

  • Funding

  • Pollock Pines weather

  • Security



  • Businesses

  • Community support

  • County government support

  • Funding

  • Media

  • Historical Area – Education, Culture

  • Service organizations – CEDAPP & CEDAPP Stakeholders, Rotary, Dogwood Garden Club, Friends of the Library, Pollock Pines-Camino Fire Safe Council




Purchased from El Dorado County Irrigation District (EID) by El Dorado County six years ago, Forebay Community Park has never had a major renovation but has undergone many ADA improvements. The 2.5 acres considered for the Pollock Pines recreational area will consist of elements that will best serve the current population of Pollock Pines, Camino and the neighboring areas. To that end, our children are our first consideration; included in that priority are disabled youngsters. Second on the priority list would be the significant number of retirees and seniors that are currently living in, or are moving to, the beautiful Sierra rural, rustic and very historic community of Pollock Pines.


Folks of all ages and abilities will be able to enjoy the great outdoors with the historic elements that provide the ambiance of the 1850s. Elements of fitness for seniors will motivate the older citizens of Pollock Pines to enjoy the beauty and fresh air of their surroundings. The two playgrounds again will facilitate younger children in the Tot Lot and will include elements for wheelchairs and other accommodating equipment. Parents and family members will enjoy the historic atmosphere while watching their children play and thereby gaining the pleasure and joy of the multi-generational, inclusive, historic project.

Site Analysis
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