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1) What is CEDAPP? The Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines, also known as CEDAPP, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of Pollock Pines and developing and maintaining an environment that will improve the economic prosperity of the Pollock Pines community and enhance the quality of life of its citizens. In short the goal of CEDAPP is to revitalize, reinvest, and reaffirm the Pollock Pines reputation of yore.

2) How is CEDAPP different than other service organizations in Pollock Pines? Every organization has its own hub and scope of activities based on their mission statements. CEDAPP’s hub is bringing business to the businesses of Pollock Pines. This is done in several ways as was created by the community at large in several open community meetings. The idea was, and still is, that in order to have a successful, productive business, there needs to be several components intact, i.e. a clean community, effective advertising, a healthy and safe environment, etc. One of the focus areas (see #3) is an active Government liaison. CEDAPP and its officers have an ongoing positive relationship and partnership with federal, state and local governments. It is a necessity when planning projects and events in and for the community because those government entities help us to get the job done properly. Being aligned with powers greater than ourselves allows us the opportunity of learning and responding to certain laws regulations processes and policies.

3) What are CEDAPP's focus areas? There are 14 focus areas as the operating arms of the community. These were created by the community at large. All seek to revitalize and reinvest in our community through shared visions and active collaboration with other organizations, businesses, and all residents. i. Advertising, PR & Marketing ii. Business Liaison & Growth iii. Communication iv. Community Beautification v. Government Liaison vi. Grants & Fundraising vii. Newcomers Welcome & Invitation viii. Parks & Recreation ix. Safety & Health x. Schools & Youth xi. Seniors & Retirees xii. Visitor Center & Tourism xiii. Welcome Home Soldier

4) What are CEDAPP’s funding sources? CEDAPP operates on grants and donations from generous members like you.

5) Meetings CEDAPP meetings are open to the public. In fact, we encourage the public’s input and participation with our meetings and projects! Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6pm, unless this falls on a holiday and then the meeting is held on the second Monday of that month. Contact us at for upcoming meeting information.

6) Board members CEDAPP is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of local community members interested in improving the prosperity of the Pollock Pines community and enhancing the quality of life of its citizens.

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