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A Plan & Purpose for Everyone

The Pollock Pines Playground and Recreational Park has been carefully planned to accommodate a wide variety of needs and expectations. We are excited about the unique resources that will be available to our community and beyond. 

CEDAPP members and volunteers are committed to reaching goals established as we studied existing facilities and amenities that have enhanced the life of other communities. Our plan brings together the best and most popular of these resources - all to enhance the joy of living in and visiting Pollock Pines - the heart of Nature's Wonderland.

Click on each image to enlarge 

07-Pedestrian Trail.jpg
09-2-5 Play Structure Zones.jpg
11-6-12 Play Structure Zones.jpg
10-Playground Center Walkway-Benches.jpg

Play Structure Zones

Playground center walkway

15-Multi use Pump Track.jpg

Above: The multi-use Pump Track can be used by adults and children "on wheels" according to their interests and skills. Below is a conceptual design of the Bike Park and Pump Track - Click images to enlarge! 

13-Bike Park Conceptual  Design_Page_1.jpg

Above: A walking trail that skirts the lake and beautiful environment of Forebay offers exercise and peaceful time in nature for all. Below is the envisioned Western Theme to reflect the region's history and heritage.

06-Old Western Theme.jpg

Questions and/or Suggestions?

Please contact us HERE - we'd love to hear from you. CEDAPP always welcomes new members and volunteers. No special skills required - other than a desire to help our community thrive! 

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