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(and their families!)

Middle School:

The Pollock Pines Boys and Girls Club wishes to congradulate their 8th graders on a successful middle school journey. "We wish you all the best for your future! We have loved having you as club members!" They are:

Andrew Daniel
Emilia Delmolono
Benjamin Edwards
Jackson Guzik
Sophia Hummel
Sebastian Jacobson
Andras Quinonez
Susanna Valencia

Elizabeth Nicole von Haesler will be going to El Dorado High School with love from her mom!

High School:

Kaitlynn Rose Cooper will graduate from Independence High School. She wishes to become a medical/x-ray technician.

Samantha Berry is graduating from El Dorado High School and heading to Chico State to major in Nursing.

Justin Thomas is graduating from Victory High School. He is a hard-working young man.

Isaiah Williams is graduating from Independence High Shool. He is a hard-working young man.


Dear Graduates:

It's a time to celebrate the special person that you are,
And a time for gratitude to those who helped you come so far,
It's a moment of fulfillment and anticipation, too,
As your graduation begins the greatest years for you.

Congradulations to all of our Pollock Pines graduates!
Your community is proud of you!

SHOUT OUT to Sly Park Environmental Center for helping the PPESD meal program at Pinewood Elementary School. They are making the lunches and bringing them over to the school so the Boys and Girls Club can serve them.
SHOUT OUT to Ginger Swigert and Ken Harper from Rotary Club for repainting the benches at the Judy Morgan Park. The benches got rained on and messed up the first painting session!
SHOUT OUT to Volunteers that help keep Pollock Pines clean wherever you are! Picking up litter, emptying trash cans, etc. Our example helps visitors to know the difference between a town that cares and one that doesn't.
SHOUT OUT to the Rotary Club for trying their darndest to make our 4th of July parade happen. Good work, you guys! Next year will be even better!
SHOUT OUT to the community citizens helping to create a kids' zone at the Forebay Community Park.
SHOUT OUT to the many businesses that are working so hard to keep Pollock Pines a great place to live, work, and play.
SHOUT OUT to Fire Station #17 for continuing to watch over us as fire season gets serious and health issues crop up.
SHOUT OUT to our many law enforcement partners that help to keep us safe all day and night, every day and night. Special thanks to Deputy Josh Sprague for taking the active interest in Pollock Pines that he does.


There are so many acts of kindness surrounding us; we are blessed to live in this community! Dont forget folks, if you send in a SHOUT OUT for someone, some business, some organization that is doing helpful things for folks during this unprecedented time in our community, your name will be in a drawing for a gift from one of our very special businesses. More importantly, those who should be recognized for their good deeds will be.


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Our Goal is to Re-vitalize, Re-invest, and Re-affirm the Pollock Pines reputation of yore.

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The Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines has one major purpose  – we want to help our members succeed.  We know that through the success of our members Pollock Pines will grow and prosper and be an even better place to live and work.  Our staff works hard to build relationships, develop networks, and to support the growth of this region of El Dorado County.  Our board members and community volunteers assist with the variety of activities designed to support our membership. If you are looking for a great place to live, work, or play, Pollock Pines is the right choice!  Check out our website and see the many ways CEDAPP can work for you.


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Locally owned independent businesses return approximately 80% of each dollar spent back to the community. This assists the community through a “multiplier effect”: one dollar spent at a locally owned business will return five times that amount within the community through employees’ wages, and purchases of materials and supplies at other independent businesses. When you buy locally, you help preserve our unique character. Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of this great community.


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