14 Focus Areas

Advertising, PR and Marketing

The number one consideration for any business is to be known. Depending on the business, the length and breadth of territory where one wishes to advertise the business needs to determined. The Advertising, PR, and Marketing Focus Area seeks and implements many different forms of communication:

Website - www. cedapp.biz

Face Book - facebook.com/pollockpines

Emails - cedapp@pollockpines.biz

NewBlast - klharper1@comcast.net

Business Blasts - jmharper2@comcast.net

Mailers - as needed

Newspapers & magazines

Pollock Pines Event Sign

Safeway Marquee

Personal visits and phone calls

Affiliation with many organizations and governmental agencies, i.e.

Visitor's Authority, El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce, Pollock Pines-Camino Rotary Club, etc. (See Affiliations - organizations and government agencies)

Business Directory

Advertising on the NewsBlast is FREE to any community resident or business. Contact  Ken Harper at klharper1@comcast.net

Other forms of PR and Marketing include workshops to educate small rural businesses on more effective ways to build their business traffic.

For more information, contact Jeanne Harper,
CEDAPP Executive Director at (530) 613-1332.



CEDAPP came into existence in order to "give back to businesses" without taking from businesses. All events, programs, projects, and activities are designed and implemented in order to bring business to the businesses of Pollock Pines, as well as well as to enhance the quality of life of its citizens.

CEDAPP maintains positive relationships with all businesses and continues to support ALL businesses when requested or when community concern requires attention, i.e. ADA compliance issues, advertising possibilities, knowledge of workshops offered by other entities, etc.

For more information, contact Jeanne Harper, Executive Director, at
(530) 613-1332 or Cathy Staller, Business Liaison, at (530) 306-7675.


This focus area was developed as an answer to community citizens who stated that Pollock Pines was in need of a communication system within our own community, not just for people outside our community. It was felt that since there was only one Safeway Marquee with two sides of information given only once a week, there simply was no way to let everyone know of all the wonderful things occurring within our own community.

A direct extension of that request became the early "Week At A Glance."   The Week At A Glance morphed into the current "NewsBlast."   The NewsBlast is emailed to every person and business that requests it and it is contained within the website weekly. ALL residents and businesses are invited to submit information to the NewsBlast via Ken Harper, Chief Information Officer, at klharper1@comcast.net. This is a FREE service to the community of Pollock Pines.

Other uses of the Communication Focus Area include formal communications as needed, i.e. formal CEDAPP letters.

For more information, contact Ken Harper at (530) 613-1332


Community Beautification

Pollock Pines is filled with beautiful scenery... Mountains, trees, waterfalls, flowing streams, lakes and so much more. One of our goals is to maintain the beautification within our community and with the help of it's members that goal can easily be achieved. Hands Across Pollock is one of the biggest clean up events CEDAPP has each year, so please keep an eye on our calendar and get involved. This event is usually set in the month of May. Outside of this event we will conduct several others in honor of the beautiful town we are all so fortunate enough to live in. The Martin Luther King community service day in January tackles any area in the community that needs to be beautified. Additionally, working in partnership with The Pollock Pines-Camino Fire Safe Council, the Forebay Community Park is maintained to reduce fire fuel. Let's work together and keep this community shining bright!

Government Liaison

As an unincorporated area of El Dorado County (EDC), Pollock Pines has no city government or funding source of its own. CEDAPP operates as a townhall type of organization that covers fourteen areas of community development and maintenance.

 Working in partnership with the EDC Board of Supervisors and other staff is critical as the community models democracy at its finest - from community to government, as opposed to from government to community.

Community Events and Recreation

Economic developmnent... An upward movement that can achieve only positive things for any given community. That is our ultimate goal! We work hard... But we play harder!! Thats the key for any good living. Each year CEDAPP is responsible for several events that are put together in honor of the hardworking residents and businesses of Pollock Pines.  From historical events to just plain family fun events... please check out our calendar and join us for each one.

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierras at an altitude of 4000 feet, Pollock Pines is a virtual mecca of year round fun in incredibly prestine surroundings. Hiking, biking, camping, water sports, snow-shoeing, off road vehicle sports, bowling, batting cages, and just all around rest and recreation amidst waterfalls, lakes, endless trails, and evidence of its authentic 1850's history. Annual festivities include the reenactment of the Wagon Train, 4th of July community breakfast and parade, National Night Out, Trunk Or Treat, and the beautiful Christmas Tree Lighting and Trees For Teens that lights up the tiny community of Nature's Wonderland.


As a non-profit organization in an unfunded unincorporated area of El Dorado County, relying on grants is a reality for staying alive. If you have information on community grants that would be helpful to Pollock Pines, please call (530) 613-1332

Pollock Pines Newcomers

Do you remember ever being new - somewhere... anywhere? It's not always a real comfortable feeling.  If you are new to Pollock Pines or know someone who is new to Pollock Pines and have not been contacted, please call Jeanne Harper at (530) 613-1332 or Victoria Hunt Aldes at
(530) 676-5402 or Colleen Ferrari at (530) 409-2308. You will receive a free Pollock Pines Directory and some coupons to businesses. CEDAPP seeks to reduce the sometimes lonely and awkward feelings that accompany a relocation and to welcome every resident and business owner to our beautiful and historic little village.


Working with El Dorado County Parks And Recreation, CEDAPP continues to promote the creation of a useable park for all community residents and visitors. Having purchased a 13 1/2 acre parcel across from Forebay Lake, residents named the area The Forebay Community Park.The park is a county park and is subject to all county rules and regulations. The park houses a lodge, a baseball field, and professional horseshoe pits. Please contact Jeanne at (530) 613-1332 for more info.

Seniors and Retirees

The fastest growing demographic in Pollock Pines is seniors and retirees. CEDAPP seeks to support and promote a healthy and fun lifestyle for the older citizens of Pollock Pines. To that regard, Super Seniors, a group of fun loving, creative, and social folks was formed. Most activities take place, but are not limited to the Pollock Pines-Camino Community Center. Please contact Jeanne Harper at (530) 613-1332 for more information.

Safety and Health

At its most basic level of community development is the need to be safe and healthy. CEDAPP engages in many projects and events that support and promote a healthy, safe community. The Pollock Pines-Camino Business Crime Watch is an active Facebook post for legitimate businesses. If you know of a condition that could be a threat to any resident or business in Pollock Pines please call (530) 621-6600 immediately. If it is an emergency, dial 911. At the monthly CEDAPP meetings the current status of health and safety issues is reported by the Community Resident Deputy. CEDAPP calls community meetings as needed with regard to health and safety issues. For more info regarding health and safety community meetings call Jeanne Harper at (530) 613-1332.

Schools and Youth

As a retired school administrator, the executive director of CEDAPP builds into every event and project the involvement and participation of the youth of Pollock Pines, its future citizens and leaders. From community service to social events, to workshops, the youth of Pollock Pines are included in our community development. CEDAPP works with the Pollock Pines Elementary school district (A California Distinguished School District) and the El Dorado County Office of Education and The Boys and Girls Club of Pollock Pines. If you have a concern about youth in Pollock Pines, or a great idea for them, don't hesitate to call
Jeanne Harper at (530) 613-1332.

Visitor's Center and Tourism

Currently located inside the Pizza Factory, at 6536 Pony Express Trail, CEDAPP has gathered and collected information which will direct visitors and tourists to all areas of interest within and surrounding Pollock Pines. We welcome our visitors with open arms as building revenue within the community is the key to economic growth. So much to see and so much to experience in and around this beautiful mountain town. Wineries, hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, skiing, sledding, food, and so much more. All are welcome and encouraged to stop by the Visitors Center and find out all there is to know about this mecca of year round entertaiment. CEDAPP is affiliated with the El Dorado County Tourism Department.

Welcome Home Soldier

When a community loses one of its members , the absence is felt keenly.  When that community member goes off to serve his/her country, its even more cause for celebration when he/she returns. CEDAPP wants to support and promote the celebration of a returning hero, or sadly in some cases, a fallen hero.  Welcome Home Soldier is about the love we have for all of our veterans in all branches of the military service.
If you know of a vet who is coming home for an R & R, or home for good, or even in the tragic case of a final return, please contact us at (530) 613-1332 to help make arrangements for a community greeting. Recognition and award ceremonies have been given to Veterans of all ages. Banners are posted on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day as reminders of the sacrifices made by all men and women in the military.

Weather / News

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WeatherCam for Pollock Pines, Camino and Placerville sponsored by ZGroup Real Estate of Pollock Pines.

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Sierra Community Access Television - Comcast Channel 2

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CEDAPP Newsblast

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The Newsblast has been created to provide you with up to date news in Pollock Pines as well as current events. Have a business? Have a message you would like to get out to the public? Advertise free in the CEDAPP Newsblast! Contact Ken Harper for more info at (530) 391-0798.

Event Sign

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Pollock Pines Event Sign

 The Pollock Pines Event Sign has been created to assist Pollock Pines non-profit organizations to advertise their events in a visible, attractive, eye-catching manner. To have your event advertised here please follow this link. Printable versions of the application and instructions are available.

Pollock Pines Business Map

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Camping, Fishing, Water Skiing, Hiking!!

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Skiing and Snowboarding!!

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Bowling, Pool Tables & Cocktails!!

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Let's go to the Movies!!

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Other Local Entertainment...

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El Dorado County has so much to offer. With breathtaking scenery full of forest, lakes, mountains and meadows, rich history, and unique shopping, there's something for everyone. Experience the rugged beauty of the Sierra Foothills all the way from El Dorado Hills up to South Lake Tahoe. 
To discover more about El Dorado County visit eldoradoguide.com.

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